Teacher Invites 80 Students to Her Wedding

The headline tells part of the story; Teacher invites 80 students to her wedding.  But, WHY…?  “We spend a lot of time together during the school year and they become a very important part of my life, and I just couldn’t picture getting married without them as a part of it,” Kurtz explained.

How grateful would you be, if you were parent to one of those 80 kids?  If that were your little girl or little boy who was so…valued by this teacher?  Well guess what?  Odds are, that your kids’ teacher feels about the same towards your children!  National surveys of teachers routinely show positive feelings about students, especially in the elementary grades.  Here on the Wake-Up Morning Show, we talk to teachers on a regular basis.  Almost without exception, they love their ‘kiddos’ and think about their job as a ‘calling’ or a ‘ministry.’

So what’s the point?  Well, think of it as a reminder.  Of how blessed you and your kids are to have an educator like this in your lives!  And, it’s a reminder of how important it is to support this teacher as they take on this monumental task of teaching, inspiring, and nurturing 20 or more kids.  Ask your teachers what you can do to help.  What can you help provide that would make their jobs easier, and… PRAY!  Lift them up each day as you pray for your kids and their day at school.  These teachers need your prayers.  And they deserve it…




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