To Goose a- WHAT?

It’s Tegucigalpa, and it’s the capital of Honduras.

In many ways, it’s a beautiful city. Surrounded by mountains and tropical foliage, it combines historical architecture with modern shopping malls that would look very familiar to someone in, say, Oklahoma City.

But in the city, and in the surrounding villages, there are children who live in abject poverty.  Many of the children are orphans, and the kids who are caught up in this cycle of poverty, go hungry and lack clean drinking water and basic medical care.

In the coming week, Along with Children’s Cup and other volunteers, I’ll be helping to meet the needs of these kids. I’ll also be reporting back on the care that’s being provided because of your pledges of $40 or more during Pledge Drive and Finish The Race 2018.

In the meantime, it was a long trip to make it to Honduras… and I had a lot of thoughts along the way…

Random “long flight” thoughts:

The hipster sitting next to me on the plane has skinny jeans, plaid shirt, full beard… and WHITE SOCKS AND SANDALS!  Can I please resume wearing socks with my Chacos now…???


The “TV in the seat back” has been a standard feature on airplanes now for 10 years or more. Its old news!  Where’s the innovation?  Why isn’t the captain wearing a GoPro that you can access from these monitors???  I might swipe my card to see that.  For that matter, stick one under the plane too!  Forget seeing anything from these tiny windows…


I’m in Economy, and we’ve just been told that we may NOT use the first class lavatory. Hadn’t even thought about it, but now I have an insatiable curiosity…  I can’t stand it!  What do they have in THEIR BATHROOM???

Fountains, Greek statuary, harp music…?

The seats recline about 2 inches at most. Is it really gonna matter if they’re not returned to a “full and upright position?”


I wanted a coffee before boarding, but the line at the airport Starbucks ran out of their little nook, around the corner, and down the concourse. Why should this Starbucks be different than any other, I guess?  For cryin’ out loud, IT’S PSL TIME PEOPLE!!


When the plane arrives at the gate, there are two kinds of people;  those who pop up and start dragging their carry-on out of the overhead bin before we even stop rolling, and those who don’t seem to mind staring straight into the backsides of the first group, and remain in their seats until the line starts moving. We all seem to get off the aircraft at about the same time…

In-Flight Announcements: the pilot speaks in English for about 30 seconds, followed by a woman who speaks in Spanish for roughy 9 minutes.

Does the Spanish language use that many more words?  Or, what are they telling the Spanish-speaking passengers that they’re not telling me?

Finally!  Making our descent into Tegucigalpa.

The Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” -Rom 10:15


Mine aren’t so beautiful, but they’re willing!

Please pray that the Lord will work through our group this week to impact lives…


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