A City Behind Bars

The city beyond these bars, is Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In this city, residents put up steel bars, concrete walls, and concertina (spiral, barbed) wire. Businesses, not just banks, but gas stations, hotels and fast food restaurants, hire armed guards for protection against street crime and violent gangs. Sometimes, that is enough… and sometimes, it is not.

Meet Bridgette.

She told us that she is “seis años de edad” – six years old. Six months ago, on a Friday night, her papá was killed by a gang because he did something the gang leaders didn’t like.

On Saturday, they came back and killed her mamá. Just so the neighborhood would understand the message. The weekend was only half over, and already, little Bridgette was an orphan.

I met Bridgette yesterday at a Children’s Cup care point, where she insisted on telling us her story- “her testimony” as she said through a translator.

Her voice shook only once, as she bravely stood before us and told us how much she missed her mamá, but how grateful she was for the “Tía y Tío” (Aunt and Uncle) that had taken her in, and to know that her parents were happy in heaven. Then she turned her face to hide brief tears.

It was obvious that she was also grateful for the love and community she had found in the Children’s Cup volunteers. She comes to this care point each day for a meal, and many, many hugs from her other “mamás”.

Please pray for Bridgette’s future. And pray for these awesome volunteers who show her, through their hugs and their smiles and their service, the love of Jesus.


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