A Letter from Tony

Hi Friend!

I want you to know… God is moving here.

In our 26th year, there are so many signs that excite me about what He is doing, right now!

I see GROWTH… because I believe that God wants to reach more of His people. Last year TWO new stations launched in the Alva and Sulphur, Oklahoma areas. That makes 20 stations, sharing love and hope… and the opportunity of salvation… with God’s people!

I hear STORIES… as we discover HOW God uses this ministry in people’s lives. I think about Debbie from Oklahoma City…

“I prayed so hard for God to tell me exactly what to do and how to feel, and a specific song came on immediately after I turned the radio up. I had never heard this song before! I listened to the whole thing, bawling! I am not sure God could have been any louder.”

I pray for DIRECTION… my prayer has always been “God, keep us in the center of your will for YOUR ministry.” We are part of something much bigger than Christian radio.

During Pledge Drive… that’s exactly what we’re asking YOU to do. Join God in something BIG. Play a role in stories just like Debbie’s.

Recently, we prayerfully considered new Mission and Vision statements for our ministry and I’d like to share them with you.

Our MISSION: To inspire faith; to connect Christians, families, and communities; to be the voice in the wilderness; and to authenticate the Kingdom.

Our VISION: To persevere as an alternative source of music and entertainment, family-friendly and guilt-free.

Our purpose remains keeping hearts and minds focused on Jesus. Will you join God in His work here today?

Please pray about making an online pledge at TheHouseFM.com, now!

Or, call us at 800-FAITH-88, or mail in the enclosed form.

God is moving here… and He’s moving now!

Tony Weir –
CEO / Program Director

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