Will you pray with me??

It’s our annual day of Praise and Prayer here at The House.  This day began years ago before the start of our Pledge Drive as a day to stop…  and really focus on what’s important.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a Pledge Drive.  Here at the ministry we’ve been “in the zone” for weeks now.  We’ve asked for Early Birds and hoped for a great kick-start to heading toward the goal.  Along the way preparing for each hour of this week’s Pledge Drive.

But today we stop… and we focus on important things.

I stop and remember this is all in God’s hands.  We spend a lot of time preparing to say and do things that will MAKE people call… and today I remember… it’s not about what I say.  It’s about people letting God move in their hearts. I let go of my anxiety to say and do the right things and believe that God is calling His people to give.  My role is just to tell them how.  Then thank them and celebrate with them.  And share what God does with their gift.

Today I stop and pray for the future.  I stand in awe of what God has done here and I wait with anticipation for what He’s going to do next.  Honestly, there are some days of the drive where I’m going to say “God, why can’t we just be DONE?!?”   So today, I pray for patience as He works in hearts and minds to bring it all together.  Knowing that He will.

And today I pray for YOU.  I pray for those that God uses this ministry to reach out to.  I pray for the families that God uses to partner with us.  I pray for all the requests that come in as we open up this day to lift up your requests about what is happening in your life.  You know… that’s why we’re here.   Your life.  God put us here for you.  To encourage you, to walk with you, to hold your hand, to celebrate, to weep… to be a voice you can hear with His words… for you.

God bless you today.  I’m praying for you and God’s work here at The House.  I hope you’ll pray with me.  And I hope as you pray, if God prompts you join with this family with a gift that you will.

Thank you.


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