Thanks, Dad.

My daughter, Ellie, has an odd name for a Spotify playlist. Let me explain…

Ellie has been pleading with me for several months now to, “go look at my playlists!” She and I share a love of music, and she was impatient for me to download the app on my phone and see for myself the titles she had collected, and how she had arranged them.

So finally, last week, I downloaded the app, found her profile and started to peruse. She had songs organized into categories like “for when I’m down,” “workouts” and, “chill music” and even, “Our God is Awesome!”

One playlist had some older music in it, and as I was scanning through it, I realized that many of the songs were ones that I had first introduced her to. Older songs that she and I had listened to during a road trip, or during a YouTube session where I would play a game of, “…oh! And if you like that, you HAVE to hear this!” And I thought, “How cool! I didn’t realize that she was even paying attention!” Then I noticed the name of the playlist, and it melted my heart…

“Thanks, Dad.”

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